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Kanye West Heats Up The Cruel Summer With Eighth Studio Album YE – Podcast

Some would call Yeezy a manic bi-polar, others see it more as musical genius erupting from the core. Kanye West has released the new album YE on June 1, 2018 – Listen to the 7 track album

Kanye West [ YE ] is possibly the most iconic and influential being that has ever existed. In a world in which has never been known to be populated as densely as times are in 2018, Kanye stands on top of his throne. Watching intently on every move of the West and Kardashian family, are people from every continent. Today is June 1, 2018 and marks a day of Kanye’s 8th studio album YE.

I am not here to discuss anything else other than the quality and originality to showcase on this new project. After months of anticipation and delay, Ye is finally here. Kanye kept to his word with delivering a seven-track body of work. Sonically, this is amazing and perfected to the highest level. I doubt we will be seeing multiple masters and re-releases like Kanye did with TLOP (The Life of Pablo).

Lyrically, I have not even begin to digest the meanings and context yet. However, at first sight, Kanye mentions a ton of personal notes. Not explaining any of the past few months to years of media frenzy incidents. This, my friends, is a body of work for true day-one Ye fans. Originating back to soul-sampled production choice, this is classic backpack & Polos type lyrical display.

Listen to the full album Ye below and subscribe in iTunes to the Podcast

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