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[SHOTS FIRED] Tory Lanez Subtweets Aimed @ Travis Scott | READ MORE

Social Media is Being Flooded with Hip Hop Drama Over the Past 48 Hours

First the Drake & Cudi Incident & Now Tory Lanez Tweets Possible ‘Shade Towards Travis Scott

Since the release of the latest project from Meek Mill Dreamchasers 4, a lot of shots and cryptic messages have been circulating. One specifically is the track Litty that features Toronto rapper & writer Tory Lanez. After a rush of feedback that always comes in today’s age, people mainly criticized that the melodies and effects used sounded waaaaaaaay to much like the G.O.O.D. Music rapper Travis Scott. The rapper got defensive and took to Twitter. He released a statement that “I Can’t Sound Like Somebody I Wrote For…”. Granted, Lanez did write for Scott…..back in 2014. This fucking guy has to get off social media, much like a lot of these fucking rappers. 🙂


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