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Toronto Rapper Smoke Dawg Dead At 21 Years Old – Podcast Playlist

Tragedy Has Struck The City Of Toronto As Canada-Day Weekend Loses OVO Affiliated Artist Smoke Dawg

It was Saturday night, around 8 p.m. in the vicinity of Cube nightclub, the 21-year-old Jahvante Smart; aka Smoke Dawg, was gunned down. You knew who Smoke Dawg was if you were a fan of OVO or involved with the Toronto music scene. The Somalian-Canadian rapper was known for being dedicated heavily to his neighborhood and creativity. Still awaiting a full-length project from Smart, fans will never get to see the shining potential of this young man.

878 – Halal Gang – Anno Gang

7:57 p.m. at Q. Street West & Peter multiple guns shots we fired in groups of 4 and 5. Witnesses claimed to see the body of Smoke Dawg fall onto the concrete and graphic visuals of blood surrounding the body. Detective Jeff Ellington was the lead investigator as you will hear in clips on the Podcast. He is very hesitant to give any new information he has, he will not even acknowledge the already known fact that Smoke had been killed. On June 25, 2018 a new video was released from Smoke Dawg titled ‘Fountain Freestyle’Directed by Jake Fair, the shots consist mainly in the Regent Park neighborhood that Smoke is from. However, there are also shots of him in clear view of a rival neighborhood at Atkinson Housing Co-Op. Speculation that this is all gang related, the Mayor John Tory has concluded this incident to be an act of gang violence. He never said that this was a targeted assassination on Smoke Dawg, which many conspiracies and theories floating around the web are leaning towards.

Smoke Dawg was just beginning his career and quickly gaining a large fanbase coming off the Boy Meets World Tour with Drake

Drizzy Smoke Dawg


Drizzy Smoke Dawg Drizzy Smoke Dawg Drizzy Smoke Dawg



Big Bro Got A Michael Jackson Verse ????‍♂️ @champagnepapi

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Rest In Peace Smoke, We Will Never Get To See The Full Potential You Had Planned, But We Will Celebrate With What You Have Left With Us


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