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the Weeknd – The Hills (VIDEO) Prod. Mano & Illangelo

The Weeknd nearly dies in car crash right after he fucked two bitches.

The Weeknd produces and stars in his new video The Hills, which starts off immediately at the scene of a violent car wreck as two upset women fall out of the overturned vehicle. Abel Tesfaye delivers a low-reverb toned vocal on the verses, one that brings you back to the House Of Balloons. He explains that he is just trying to live life for the moment, and with this new lifestyle he warns for her to keep up and answer the phone at half past five when he calls. The artist stresses the phrase ‘When I’m fucked up that’s the real me…’ which addresses the concerns of his succumb to fame and the Hollywood friends he has acquired. This addition is some of The Weeknd’s best works to date, assuring fans that even though he may be branching out and experimenting with sounds, he can still deliver the trade-mark sound that broke him through the 6.

The Weeknd - The Hills Video

The Weeknd

The Hills

Prod. Illangelo & Mano

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