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Miami Artist Swa Playmaker Drops Single Money Right Prod. Beat Dilla

New Email Submission From Miami Rapper Swa Playmaker Debuts Raspy Melody With Money Right

Produced by Beat Dilla, the instrumental slams. Allowing Swa Playmaker to put down his unique voice in the hook and verses. Unsigned and dreaming to be next up, Playmaker definitely has the potential to break through the ceiling of SoundCloud rappers.

Delivery with a deep voice that is familiar of Rick Ross is what caught my attention of this submission, but the lyrics and flow is actually very solid.

miami swa playmaker money right sound cloud

Listen To Swa Playmaker Money Right Below via SoundCloud

*Submission Notes*

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Anthony Rian / TOPE
Miami OG Swa Playmaker returns with his first official release in 2018 entitled “Money Right,” produced by Beat Dilla. Switching things up a bit for the new year, Swa grabs the auto-tune and breaks down the science to his hustle. Flexing on the doubters one by one Swa lists off the treasures the hustle┬áhas brought him over the years. Shouting out his homies on lockdown and letting the ladies know what’s up at the same time, it’s obvious Swa is out for his respect and a check this year. A versatile artist from straight bars to melodic flows, Swa Playmaker shows why his pen has been heavily talked about in the South for years. After a few minor setbacks, it seems Swa is ready to flood the market with music in the new year. Listen to “Money Right” below and be sure to share on Soundcloud!


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