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Seizure Strikes Lil Wayne Before Post-UFC 200 Performance

After the UFC 200 Event in Las Vegas, Lil Wayne Was Victim To His 3rd Seizure This Month

Mr. Carter has been suffering these unfortunate health issues for quite sometime now. The concern of the fans and seriousness of the seizure occurrances are raising attention. Right after the UFC 200 Miesha Tate VS Amanda Nunes fight, Weezy had to cancel his guest performance @ a local club. As he was about to go on stage is when the onset symptoms occurred.

Lil Wayne was transported to the hospital and later flew back to his residence in Miami. Many speculations have been in the air about whether this is a narcotic-induced problem from syrup (lean). The fact of the matter is, whether it was a neglect of prescription he actually was prescribed for the epilepsy, or abuse of narcotic substances; no one wants to see a great artist fall. We have too many that we have lost, across all genres. Hopefully things will sort themselves out. Despite the health issues, Lil Wayne has pushed through and constantly been at work. Maybe a little time off is what he really needs. There is nearly nothing that he hasn’t accomplished in the music realm. This is what drives a true creative, the creation.

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He has released a statement via Twitter below regarding the concern of his seizure incident