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Is ‘Rockabye Baby’ From Joey Bada$$ ft. Schoolboy Q the Most Hip Hop Track of 2017?

 The Hip Hop Community, YG in specific, has been very vocal in the message of ‘FUCK DONALD TRUMP’ | Listen To The New Single From Joey Bada$$ & Schoolboy Q ‘Rockabye BaBy’

Resistance to the Trump administration is widespread across nearly every demographic in the United States, & possibly the World. Today we receive a true Hip Hop original from the talent of Joey Bada$$ & Schoolboy Q. When I heard ‘Rockabye BaBy’, the message the artists are giving is very clear and thought-provoking. A revelation that has to come is in the hands of the listeners of this generation. In a corrupt industry-driven government we are now forced to endure, art and inspiration will rise to a level the world has never seen. Today I feel as if this is the beginning of the Hip Hop community opening their pineal gland & unconscious mind. With the delivery of Kendrick Lamar‘s new single & video ‘Humble‘ just hours ago.


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