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Posted By : Casanova
Watch Pusha T Puff Daddy In Studio Working On Crutches Crosses Caskets

December 18 is coming very quickly as the new album from Pusha T is set to release. Darkest Before Dawn : The Prelude sounds like the title, very dark and experimental with the production. Not near as experimental as we have heard from other G.O.O.D MUSIC artists such as Kanye West’s Yeezus, but still very unique. This video shows an exclusive look into the studio session for the song Crutches, Crosses, & Caskets with the ring leader of Hip Hop Puff Daddy is orchestrating everything from the production on an MPC having a producer bang out rhythms on the pads in the systematic sound in his head. And as always, we get to hear a little shit talking near the end of the video from the best shit talker in 2015.

Stay Tuned For The Album December 18