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Post Malone Tells How Kanye West Connection Happened with Hot 97 (video)

Post Malone

Texas Hip Hop Artist Post Malone sits down with Nessa from Hot 97 to speak on how his presence was graced by our lord & savior Kanye West

Post Malone

We also get information that Post Malone would like to eventually venture into the Country Music scene and work with Toby Keith. Some recent musical influences include a mixture of folk music like Fleet Foxes. He went in detail of the meeting of Yeezus as a surreal moment in time at Kylie Jenner‘s birthday party. He also says that Kylie is a huge fan of all of his music, and explains that she is a huge supporter of the songs via Instagram.  

When asked about upcoming projects, he hesitantly says that he is hoping to put out an album by early 2016, and states the complication of touring. This really was a shitty excuse, as some of the top names in Hip Hop like Future & Drake have a far more busier schedule than Post Malone; yet do not seem to have a problem with serving up a mixture of multiple albums and mixtapes.

In this day and age of music, you have to be able to manage multiple endeavors and gain the ability to juggle such tasks. Especially since he is so early into his career, where you are supposed to grind harder than you probably ever will in your life. You have to be hungry and put in the overtime, or you will be spit out by the impatient and unfocused society we live in with media today.