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Posted By : Casanova
Belly – Came From Nothing (Official Video)

Hiphop's rising XO star Belly has literally been up for days working on his project "Up For Days".

Belly is back with new visuals for Came From Nothing, from his latest project “Up For Days”.

And this is a masterpiece; a full body of hard work. The artist showcases a Canadian landscape, giving us a glimpse into what the XO life is like. The artistic work done by Zac Facts is shot and edited very well, giving us plenty of camera angles and giving Toronto the perfect shadows. Full of Religion-based references, Belly has really come through with this new music, perhaps a savior to the trap/drug music scene. An appearance by Iesha Marie ,who is frequently shot by Nick Ramirez,  is made throughout the video, showing she is ready to make the team while Abel&Crew slowly makes a cameo in the background. Belly’s lyricism and wordplay have always been great to me, and I feel like the production of this project fits perfectly with his style. Courtesy of Ben Billions, Daheala, BOI-1DA, DannyBoyStyles, The Anmls, Infamous, Schife, and Belly  himself, the whole piece comes together with the help of the producers.