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Maino Resurrects ‘The Ghost of Kalief Browder’ | Listen Now 2017 CDQ

The Haunting New Track From Maino ‘The Ghost of Kalief Browder ‘ Is a Must Listen

After hearing the horrendous story of Kalief Browder, one may see how truly torturous the Criminal Justice System really is designed to be. Our great country has allowed a Federal facility to commit crimes of war on a 16 year old child from the United States of America. Who did absolutely nothing wrong. The SPIKE tv documentary Time: The Kalief Browder Story | SPIKE.com executively produced by Jay Z has brought awareness to a national scale via cable.

Today, Brooklyn rapper Maino releases an intricate rendition and ode to Kalief. Essentially, the rapper is telling the condensed version of the story. However, Maino doesn’t spare any details. In an impressive four and a half minutes of reliving the nightmare, which was the life of young Kalief. Hopefully, this tragedy will come to use of a revolution of the prison system. A system that human beings are essentially treated as domesticated cattle, that some twisted way, individuals profit from.

Stream ‘The Ghost Of Kalief Browder’ Below by Maino