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New York Artist K.O.N.G. Drops Wet Wednesdays 2 Mixtape | Listen

Wet Wednesdays 2 Is Not What You Expect, But Definitely Should Be On Your Playlist – Stream The New Mixtape From K.O.N.G.

New music comes our way via New York. The project is called Wet Wednesdays 2 – The tape opens with a trance-style production and K.O.N.G. distant falsetto compliments the heavy reverb habitat. When the beat drops, heavy autotuned vocals in a catchy melodic flow overtake the track. Captivating the ears of the listener, KONG gives emotional lyrical content about ups and downs. Utilizing various substances, KONG balances out his highs and lows. I must say that the opening track is an attention-catcher with nice production cuts and edits.

Blow in the Morning….Weed in the Evening….

Track number 2 comes in very eerily with a pitched-up vocal adlib track underneath a vintage sample. Kong handles the beat with full control as he displays a gritty New York flow. Boom-bap style production give an instant head-bob as your paint a picture in your mind of the vocalists. Verse two feature AVN with some nasty lyrics. Nasty in a good way. Fucking ripping into the verse, AVN has some nice punch-lines that make you laugh out loud. Black Chevrolet is a must-listen.

Phantogrammar comes in with indie-like drums and samples of various bass lines & guitars. Nice touch on the production. A+ originality. K.O.N.G. gets personal with his lyrics on this one, as he shows his love. Very relatable to anyone, this song will give appeal to other audiences than Hip Hop.

KONG Rapper Wet Wednesdays 2 Mixtape New York 3

Next up comes The Purge feat AVN & Barlos. This song reminds me of a super-cypher. The verses are traded in and out between K.O.N.G. and AVN and Barlos with some Migos type glue. The melodic hook is handled in a nicely mixed trio vocal about being numb these days.

Kong Alive is the JB Blocboy & Drake Look Alive beat, and instead of coming in with an aggressive hook, k.o.n.g. takes the melodic route. AVN takes hand on the bars in verse one and is ended with a ‘Damn….’ from KONG. Well done AVN. Also featured is Lando Rico.

The outro for Wet Wednesdays 2 is a dreary piano riff which gives way into a confessional of a story of murder. Details of a Beretta 22 and actually putting the listener into the mind of K.O.N.G., the artist makes me go back to fully take in the song.  For the Damaged Ones.

I am very happy to be able to share this mixtape Wet Wednesdays 2 from the New York Rapper K.O.N.G. The versatility and exposure to so many different musical elements will definitely interest you. Alongside some extremely talented friends and team, KONG delivers a play-worthy project.

KONG Rapper Wet Wednesdays 2 Mixtape New York


Special thanks to Michael Stover for sending this submission our way. Hit him up if you are in need of publicity!

Michael Stover

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Submission Notes :

New York emcee K.O.N.G. has been busy these last six weeks releasing a brand new single for his “Wet Wednesdays” mixtape series. Intent on creating new waves, K.O.N.G gives us music that covers the wide spectrum of hip-hop and even dips his toes in other genres as well. In using different sounds we also become witness to K.O.N.G’s versatility on the microphone. Sometimes taking the raw, aggressive approach and other times taking a more personal and vulnerable approach, we get a glimpse into K.O.N.G’s breadth of talent.


Tracks like “Black Chevrolet” shows K.O.N.G can hang and collaborate with other artists while holding his own. We get tracks like “K.O.N.G. Alive” & “The Purge” showing K.O.N.G’s mainstream appeal, who knows we might hear the New York standout on the airwaves one day.  K.O.N.G ended his “Wet Wednesdays” wave with an important track called “For The Damaged Ones” covering the damage and impact bullying can have through his intricate storytelling. K.O.N.G is getting set to release an album later this year but this free “Wet Wednesdays” mixtape is a proper preview of what’s to come.


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