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Kendrick Lamar Raps Ode To Lil Wayne ‘Retiring’ | Video

After Announcement of Retirement, Lil Wayne Get’s A Motivating Video From Compton’s Own Kendrick Lamar

The New Orleans native Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (Lil Wayne) took to his Twitter account recently to make a very sad announcement. 33 year-old Weezy said, out of what seemed to be exhaustion, that he is done fighting this on-going battle with BirdmanCash Money. It’s obvious who the antagonist is in this story if you have been following. It is clear that Lil Wayne just wants to make music and put the shit out. Bryan Williams (Birdman) on the other hand, is a businessman to the core. He has invested in oil rigs, labels, signed artists, all very brutal business deals. You would think that Wayne would be the exception in Birdman’s heart & life, you are mistaken. At the end-of-the-day, Bryan ‘Baby’ Williams is a selfish & cold as they come. You can argue that Birdman owes nothing to Lil Wayne for taking him in, but you cannot argue that without Lil Wayne there would be nowhere near the success and money that Cash Money has today.

All of Social Media & Twitter are in a state of panic in this news of Lil Wayne retiring. Many people have stated their opinion on the subject. One in particular happens to be Kendrick Lamar. In a video that surfaced, the Compton rapper starts to rap over the 2002 hit from Petey PabloWeezy Gangsta Shit.

‘I hold Cash Money myself it’s me money
Old cats wants to test come see shortie
I got it all hot it in the pocket I’ll pop it
I riding in a ‘Rarri where the top is in my pocket
That’s young Weezy baby’

–  Lil Wayne

Kendrick Lamar Video To Lil Wayne Retiring From Rap | http://Casanova.Audio Kendrick Lamar Video To Lil Wayne Retiring From Rap | http://Casanova.Audio

A mix of other throw-back tracks are also delivered in the video as well.

Mid-way Kendrick Lamar stops the music to give a message. He states that it is 5:32 AM while he is in the studio, & reminisces on being 15-16 years old and idolizing the Hot-Boys. “Hot-Boys Since Day One.“, says Lamar.

Talking About Retiring?….FUCK THAT!!! Quitting Rap, Whatever You Wanna Call It. Fuck That.

NO!!! NO! NO! NO!!!

In an emotional state, Kendrick screams the word ‘no‘ over and over again. It’s apparent that this really isn’t solely a decision that Lil Wayne can make. After seeing the response to this news, I hope Wayne see’s how much Hip Hop needs him still to this day.