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New Video From Worcester Rapper Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist

Powerful New Visuals I’m Not Racist Shows The Truth About Reality Under The Trump Administration As We Close 2017

The Mass. artist Joyner Lucas has gained the attention of the internet with his latest effort. The 29 year old had a very basic concept for both the audio and visual aspect of I’m Not Racist. The emotion and power that this basic concept derived was a true piece of art from Lucas.

In a time where part of out population feels suppressed, while the other side feels as if they are gaining momentum, a statement like this needed addressing. Joyner Lucas depicts the inner-monologue of the character which is a modern white Trump supporter. Delivering verses that speak of  poverty and black-culture, in parallel with the stereotypical Pull-Yourself-Up-By-Your-Bootstraps mentality. Giving the highly opinionated statement of how it wasn’t the individual at hand that had to endure slavery.

In return, Joyner finishes the last half of I’m Not Racist with a defensive message of how his grandmother was an indentured servant. The emotional impact from the production and message being delivered is bound to give you chills. The story ends with a mutual respect and similarities in which our previous generations had failed, even worse, they refused to try. Having a discussion with some people who may not be educated about a culture or lifestyle can really answer a lot of questions. These questions almost never get asked and end up becoming an unknown emotional ignorance.

Exposure to other cultures and ethnicities has been proven to show the reality that no goddamn human is greater, nor superior to another. The weak trait that ever person has is with their inner-monologue, aka, the Ego. It is ones responsibility to check that ego and humble yourself in a way of positivity instead of hate concentrated from sheltering oneself in their own race.

With that said, I am blown away from Joyner and the technical ability to harness a feeling from words. The effortless flow of his cadence is very reminiscent of story-tellig Eminem in a eerie way. I’m Not A Racist is a powerful message given in a highly skilled Hip Hop manner.

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