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Flatbush Zombies – Blacktivist (Official Video)

New York’s own Flatbush Zombies make a controversial video in translation to the track Blacktivist 

Today we see a very different scene in the world of Hip Hop music videos. Instead of the senseless bragging of how many zeros are in a bank account, Flatbush Zombies use their platform to speak on issues troubling the United States today. We see a collage of police brutality footage that has seemed to become more visible as the years go by; an issue that has plagued our country for almost half of  a century.

flatbush zombies flatbush zombies 3 flatbush zombies

Social consciousness does not play a factor in the artistry of Flatbush Zombies

The New York trio has always been known for their honesty and non-Politically-Correct verses, and are resonating the same message with their visuals. You could basically say they are NSFW, but it seems like the truth is almost always “nsfw”.

The group, dressed in all black, have a masked person as they hold sharpened blades at his neck. A striking resemblance of an ISIS or ISIL video, the masked man is revealed to be President Barack Obama

I must say the CGI used on this particular scene was perfectly executed, as the facial features flow seamlessly with the body. The crew then pulls of the ski masks only to decapitate themselves, as their heads float through a psychedelic universe.

flatbush zombies 6 flatbush zombies

Watch the Hallucinogenic visual from Flatbush Zombies below.

Directed by Mario Pfeifer

Video Produced & Directed byMario Pfeifer
Co-Director by Drew Arnold

Music Produced By: The Architect
//Drums – Jerome Flood


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