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Check Out New Vibes From Eso.Xo.Supreme – #SUPREMESUMMER [MIXTAPE]

New Mixtape / EP From Portland Artist Eso.XO.Supreme – #SUPREMESUMMER

I woke up to great new music in my inbox this weekend from Singer/Songwriter Eso.XO.Supreme. His new 4-track project #SUPREMESUMMER is a tropical vacation getaway. Full of impressive & quality ‘dance-hall’ inspired production, the tape is sure to get you vibing as we get close to the Summer being over.

Track 01 – Low Tides x Prod. by Mxller

Starting off with a Tropical Dancehall production gets your ears instantly drawn to the melody from Eso.XO.Supreme. Fans of PARTYNEXTDOOR, ‘VIEWS’ & ‘MORE LIFE’ Caribbean Drake will fuck with this one heavy. Others might be attracted to it as well, as it is executed perfectly. Great intro track choice from Supreme. [9/10]

Track 02 – Summer Love Not x Prod. By LexuzontheBeatz

Continuity flows from the percussion & drums from the first track. A touch of auto-tune & filters in the verse as eso sings in a low tone. As the hook comes back in featuring a higher pitched vocal and equalization. Good song to drive to or get work done, such as blog posts, hehe. Not quite as strong as the beginning song, but nonetheless not a ‘miss‘[7/10]

Track 03 – Guava & Mezcal x Prod. By LexuzontheBeatz

From the jump, a catchy hook starts us off into a modern love song for 2017. Funky guitars serve as a nice touch of musicianship from producer LEXUZONTHEBEATZ. Eso.XO.Supreme does a fantastic job of vocal performance and songwriting on this one. Definitely radio-ready & ready for mainstream distribution. That is not by any means a bad trait, well it is to some people, but if you are  in the game to dominate; you must prove versatility. True versatility is proven with this track. [8/10]
Closing song for this short EP is more laid back than the previous three, still dancehall continuation. No complaints from me, big fan of the new age revised sound. Another smooth live guitar gives more energy & life to the track. 3/4 produced by LexuzOnTheBeatz takes us home with this finale. Fantastic work & a must listen when smoking on your ganjaaaaaa. [8/10]
Closing Notes
Very impressed by the work from ESO.XO.SUPREME & producers. Especially to be such an independent venture. No corners were cut, quality prevails in this body of work #SUPREMESUMMER. You can tell that time was spent on this project, even though it is only 4 tracks long. I look forward to hearing everything else Eso has to offer. Let’s get this great music heard!
– Rob
Submission Notes
Portland artist EsoXoSupreme drops a wavy new 4-track EP #SUPREMESUMMER as a perfect soundtrack to end the season. EsoXoSupreme has been heating up all year with consistent videos, singles, and shows in LA, New York, and Austin, Tx plus more. Finally, he comes through with a new project for his supporters and fans. Produced by LuxuzontheBeatz and Mxller, Eso switches things up on #SUPREMESUMMER bringing an island vibe with Afro Beat, Caribbean and Reggaeton influenced production to lighten the mood and keep the party lit. Drugs, sex, and R&B describe Eso’s vibe perfectly on his new EP.
Stream: EsoXoSupreme – #SUPREMESUMMER 
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