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15 – Interview w/ Epic Records A&R/Producer Aaron Reid

This week’s episode of the podcast is one that many fans of Hip Hop have been waiting for. I sat down with Epic Records A&R, Producer, Songwriter, & Executive Producer Aaron Reid for an interview. The insight and humbleness Mr. Reid carries, is a trait that has been instilled in him from birth by his Father. The man responsible for artists such as Usher, Puff Daddy, Pink, Kanye West, OutKast, & countless others; Mr. L.A. Reid has brought his creativeness and talents to Epic Records as CEO. Since the transition, a flood of the market’s most talented Hip Hop artists among all types of other genres, have been filling roster spots for the label. A man most notably known for allowing an artist to grow in their own direction, L.A. Reid is a man of business, but a creative at heart.

These characteristics transcend into his son, Aaron, who plays a vital role in the company. He does everything from the networking role of an A&R, to producing a number of tracks for the biggest artists in the music industry. He picked up guitar a little over a year ago from working with his close friend & fellow rapper Rich Hil, who happens to be the son of fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger. Rich, who has been known for a dark, rebellious sound  stemming from origins of early Punk Grunge styles.


Some people first heard of Aaron from the MTV “Reality” Show Super Sweet 16 (Most Viewed Episode) where he was just a young kid. Today he is a much different person, both mentally & physically. He took on a total transformation of his body and lost a significant amount of weight. He states in the interview he was not happy where he was with many things in his life, starting with his appearance. This discipline overflowed into both the business & creative side of his career, allowing him to focus on himself. No distractions, just self-improvement in an overall mindset. With that being said, he has been holding back music for a while, and his fans are eager to hear more from his solo venture. We speak about his upcoming mixtape Field Work & what people can expect from this project. The entire album will be produced by Aaron himself, as he takes on the full creative role.aaron reid Epic Records 2016


Listen To The Full Interview Below On Episode #15 Featuring The Premiere Of ‘On To Somethin’

An Exclusive Track From Quentin Miller Ft. Mac (Prod. Aaron Reid)





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