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East London Artist Jay Prince Drops Off New EP WONDER

From across the pond, we receive new music from the multi-talented rapper/singer Jay Prince. Prince (@loungeinparis) is the main focal point of this episode of the Podcast. WONDER is a six-track EP that is totally carried by Prince with no features.

I believe this is a smart tactic when it comes to debut releases. Maybe not for an album, but a short EP is perfect to display the versatility of a new artist. Jay Prince does nothing short of said display. He opens the project with a song titled Blessed Now. The opener is a heavy-produced beat with slamming 808s & trap-style drums. Ears are instantly tuned in when Jay begins with the smooth melodies & catchy hook.

Jay Prince WONDER EP Stream Podcast

If you notice the artwork style before you even listen to the project, you get a nostalgic 80’s theme. The color-scheme is a burnt orange and Jay Prince sits in what appears to be a vintage car. The closest vehicle I can compare it to would be something like a DMC DeLorean (Back To The Future). Track number two is very cohesive with the theme. The electric 80s style bass sliding and moving give this song a groove to it.

The lyrics are more of an expressive ‘venting’ approach.

This also goes back to the versatility aspect that Jay has. While being able to instantly capture your attention with impressive melodies & hooks; Prince also has a good delivery of lyrical content. Very reminiscent of Drizzy Drake on some 5 AM in Toronto shit.

Jay Prince WONDER EP Stream Podcast

FLOW is the next song. It has a guitar-based beat while the artist experiments with heavy Autotune. Instantly I am reminded of a Travis Scott type track. No disrespect or criticism with that parallel. Travis is one of the hottest things out right now. Execution is on point from Prince. Following FLOW is the radio-ready song LUV ME. It has an upbeat tempo that would attribute to hearing in a club environment. Jay utilizes a very strong falsetto vocal here as well.

Track five is the EP title track WONDER. As soon as Jay Prince begins, the flow he chooses demands attention. A nice touch of editing the pitch in verse two from the engineers. Stacks on stack of vocals are utilized here with layers of harmonies. A very ethereal vibe from this stacking is a nice result.

Jay Prince WONDER EP Stream Podcast

Finally, to close the EP is RUN IT DOWN. I wouldn’t say that this project is dark, but this is definitely a bright way to end. Almost leaving listeners on a highnote. Run It Down is a little over six minutes in length, and features a half-tempo break at the four minute mark. You are able to really hear the thick East London accent here. Very solid way to wrap up WONDER.

Overall, I believe this is a great project from Jay Prince. Catching the attention of Hip Hop fans worldwide, he is definitely someone to watch for. Check the notes and links below to stay connected with Prince. WONDER is a must listen for fans of Travis Scott, Drake, & even may catch the ears of others.

Jay Prince WONDER EP Stream Podcast

Stream WONDER below from Jay Prince via the Podcast

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