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Posted By : Casanova
Watch Talented Rapper Deca Video | Waiting Official Video

Deca is a multi-talented young artist on the rise. He takes a different approach in his music lyrically by painting a vivid picture. A very complex, vivid picture. A true artist to his very center, Deca also is active in both animation & two-dimensional artwork. He has created the entire visual experience we are watching, to go along with all of the ideas inside his head.

Watch Talented Colorado Rapper Deca Video | Waiting Official VideoimageWatch Talented Colorado Rapper Deca Video | Waiting Official Video

Waitingis a mixture of soft and mellow tones and crisp drum pad. Cryptic message-like verses, referencing ancient mythology give way to a foggy mental space. The video is made of stop-image film shots of various life-forms and plants. Formations begin to take of faces, shapes, & other Trippy visualizations. Beautifully executed by Deca, great work!

The word choice and lyrical content make the music from Deca very ‘hard-to-digest’. A second listen to this track is highly recommended. & a 3rd, & a 4th.


Watch Official Video ‘Waiting‘ Below via YouTube