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Carolina Rapper Chris Jordan Talks About I Don’t Tweet Much On The Podcast

In every corner of the USA lies the hidden talent of an unsigned artist trying to break through and showcase their music. North Carolina native Chris Jordan is releasing his debut project I Don’t Tweet Much June 22, 2018

I had the opportunity of having a young rapper from the southern part of the United States; Raleigh, NC. Chris Jordan is twenty-two years old and has nothing stopping him from taking ahold of his future. Growing up in the South has been such a powerful inspiration for most of the Hip Hop music we hear. I Don’t Tweet Much is the title of the debut mixtape and may seem casual, but hearing the music gives way to deeper context. Jordan is very talented and that is shown within minutes of hearing the content of his music. A confident delivery and useful execution of lyrical content is what really shines from the Raleigh rapper.

Using a combination of in-house recording and outsourcing to a professional studio, Chris Jordan does not release bad quality music. Both in writing and composition, as well as sonically. The 808’s hit heavy on the track Parking Lot Pimpin’ and the melodies flow throughout the rest of the project. IDTM is set for a release date of June 22, 2018. This will be the debut project from Jordan and I expect it to gain massive attention to his fan base.

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