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Posted By : Casanova
Ramriddlz Stars In ‘Bodmon’ Music Video With A Lot Of Blowup Dolls

The experimental style of Ramriddlz in expressed in both the audio side of his art as well as video.  Egyptian-Canadian rapper from the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ontario releases an original video today for the song Bodmon released a few months back. The film features the artist with a gold grill at a bar with a blowup doll. The rest of the scenes feature other shots of females all being replaced with blowup dolls. Metaphorically, could be meaning a lot of things. Or…he just had a fuck load of blowup dolls laying around? Either way, the catchy hook will be stuck in your head for days if you haven’t already heard it before. Stream the Official Video for Bodmon by Ramriddlz

Ramriddlz Bodmon Official Video 2016 | Casanova.Audio Ramriddlz Bodmon Official Video 2016 | Casanova.Audio