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Confetti From Big KRIT Is Chilling | Stream The CDQ Track via YouTube

Big KRIT Comes Full Circle With New Single CONFETTI

Arguably, the most hard-working original producer / artist in the game is Big KRIT. I will say over and over again this man does not get the attention that his work is worthy of. Mainstream appeal just is not attracted to realness. We are, however. And today is like fucking Christmas for KRIT fans. The mysterious artwork for the new single Confetti leaves one wondering if the bought a ticket to the KRIT-CARNIVAL. Immediately within the first seconds of hearing the ominous production, you know this is going to give you chills. Intricacy and melody are what made me such a fan of his beats early on, but this takes it to a Mozart-level for Big KRIT.

The song feels like it has layers upon layer unravelling and giving way to the mind of the Meridian, Mississippi rapper. Always known for his concious-rap style, CONFETTI is like KRIT found a new skill to unlock a deeper thought mode. Taking a feeling and emotion and converting it effortlessly into a rhythmic and melodic piece of art.

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