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Posted By : Casanova
30 – Graphic Illustrator FRKO Rico

I am proud to bring you all episode #30 of the podcast, my guest is illustrator and graphic designer FRKO Rico. FRKO has a very original style in his art, almost compared to a Mike Judge – like grittiness. Known for his controversial stylizations, the Atlanta-based creative pushes limits with past illustrations.

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Starting out at such an early age (4 years old), FRKO excelled in art. His mother enrolled him in a number of artistic programs to grow the passion. The multi-talented young artist is also skilled in BMX. Known from a whole entire different circle with that talent in mind, Rico explains that art is sort of his secondary focus. Gaining more skills from his grandfather, carpentry is also a past-time he has taken up.

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For years, he has fucked around in Photoshop with his doodles. It became an outlet for him and a reality when he first started working with Action Bronson in a number of single and album art projects. ‘Terry’ & ‘Baby Blue‘ being two of the most notable illustrations from the rapper. Questioning the reality of his path that led him to the Hip Hop world, FRKO is always planning his next chapter. Explaining that he wants to dive deeper in more traditional art, straying away from the simple drawings.

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