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WOE Records 2EZ & Jay Glavany Drop New Track ‘I’ll Be Alright’ | CDQ

As Summer Comes To A Close, 2EZ & Jay Glavany Get One In With ‘I’ll Be Alright

Stemming from a co-sign of support on my Twitter feed by DEVONTÉE WOEI discovered a new song from fellow WOE Records artists 2EZ Jay Glavany. The track is titled “I’ll Be Alright” & seems to be self-produced in house. Additional mixing was credited to Evan ‘BBQ’ Stewart. 

DevonteeWoe 2016

Laid back synths and light drums form the base of the track in an upbeat feel. The emotions portrayed from the artists shine through in their individual verses. A simple hi-hat stays clicking throughout the song keeping the track moving. The utilization of the instrumental outro with midi is very pleasing to the ear.

Definitely will be watching out for more from WOE Records & the rest of Toronto Collective.

Woe Records Presents : ft. Jay Glavany - I'll Be Alright | Stream CDQ http://Casanova.audio “I’ll Be Alright”

Mixed By: Evan “BBQ” Stewart
Artwork: Jaz Alexander
Additional Vocals: Jay Glavany