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27 – Tosh Moore (FRIENDZONETOSHY) Interview

You May Have Seen The Familiar Face Of Tosh Moore Modeling Official Issue XO & Music Video Appearances From The Weeknd & Jazz Cartier

Toronto model Tosh Moore (FriendZoneToshy) is the guest on this week’s episode of the podcast. Signed to Lang Models, Tosh talks about the path that ended him up as a rising celebrity in the 6ix. Among other subjects, we talk directly about his close friends in the music world. The two career paths share a similar structure, with modeling being a non-traditional outlet. Spending the majority of his life living in Toronto, Tosh describes the transformation of the city’s Downtown music scene.

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Success seems to be all around Tosh & his friends, as Roy Wood$ is now signed to the OVOSOUND label & on the Summer Sixteen Tour with Drake DVSN. Describing how much different the Downtown scene is from the rest of the GTA (greater Toronto area)he paints an image of a darker & more grungy feel. This led to the development of the artists we are seeing today such as Derek WiseJazz Cartier.

tosh moore friendzonetoshy 2016

Tosh also talks about the surreal life he leads, not having a traditional 9-5 job. His creative drive & hard work has ultimately paid off and continues to. He has most notably been featured as a model in The Weeknd‘s clothing line Official Issue XO look-book showcasing the threads. Not speaking too much on upcoming projects, he assures me that he has a ton of plans in the works. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with FRIENDZONETOSHY and hope to see him continue the rise as a successful model.

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