- June
Posted By : Casanova
21 – New Music From Belly – OG Maco – KEY!, Skepta, & More

On this week’s podcast, we do not have any guest interviews, just great music. The playlist consists of new music from Lil Wayne, Belly, OG Maco, KEY!, Skepta, & more.

Download the playlist on iTunes, Stitcher, or AudioMack to take with you this weekend. Perfectly hand-selected music for any occasion.

We will return next week with an exclusive guest interview. Our guest is Ari Blitz, Senior Audio Engineer @ AfterMaster Audio Labs. We will be discussing an extremely affordable answer to mastering with their service ProMaster HDAs well as the upcoming consumer hardware device, AfterMaster ProAri has worked with tons of different artists & even have a Platinum Plaque under his belt with his work on Lady GaGa‘s album. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast on iTunes so you do not miss this informative episode.


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