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20 – Stream Travis Scott & The Weeknd Leaked Music

The Weeknd & Travi$ Scott Have 16 Leaked Tracks Separately Floating Around The Web. This Week We Are Streaming All The Unreleased Songs From Both Artists on Episode 20 of The Podcast

After a handful of random tracks were uploaded by a user named 808sounds to the website AudioJams.net The Weeknd leaked songs has had the blogs and media outlets in a frenzy. After a ton of mirror links and other destinations for the file locations were pulled, we were able to save the sounds for the listeners of our podcast. We are happy to announce that after a few incidents on AudioMack pulling this episode down, we have decided to host it on AudioJams.net.  Due to copyright bullshit issues, we are using these audio files for entertainment purposes under the fair-use act of work. No profit is made under the use of this body of work from both The WeekndTravi$ Scott.

The Weeknd Leaked Mixtape Leak 2016 Stream Download | http://Casanova.Audio

The 12 songs from Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) are rough drafts of some amazing ideas and melodies. The nostalgic vibe of House Of Balloons era and the early work of the young Toronto artist is present in the recordings. This will he a huge benefit for fans of the earlier sound, before he scaled to the top of Pop stardom.  Moody production reflects the dark tone and lyrics that is commonly used by The Weeknd. There is not much information on the credits of these sounds, but from what I can tell it doesn’t sound like he has recruited far out of his circle for this project.  Handling much of the creative side of his music, Abel also oversees a vast majority of his production. I would suspect that the ones who are responsible for these unfinished songs would include, Belly, Illangelo, Abel Tefaye, Ben Billions, etc.


As for the 4 tracks that were leaked out from Travis Scott, they appear in more of a finished state. Scott, recruits the help of Roscoe Dash in the track ‘Home‘. This happens to be my least favorite track out of this leak. The other 3 songs are exactly the quality and creativeness we expect to hear from the experimental rapper.

After Much Scrutiny I Will Hear From This Podcast, I Stand By My Statement Of Playing It Regardless Of Official Drops. The Internet Has Shown Light On These Leaks, & There Is No Un-Doing It.

Stream The Full Songs To Both Travis Scott & The Weeknd Leaked Projects via iTunes, Stitcher, or AudioJams.Net


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