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19 – Interview w/ Directors Zac Facts & Jon Riera

Music Video Directors Jon Riera & Zac Facts Join Us For Episode 19 Of The Casanova.Audio Podcast

Zac Facts is responsible for the shooting and direction of the most recent video from The Weeknd Future ‘Low Life’. Jon Riera is the director in most of the visuals presented from Jazz Cartier, artist and XO affiliate. This week I have a great episode, as I had the pleasure of having them both on the podcast. The detailed insight into the minds of these two very creative directors gave me a different outlook on how I did on film and music videos in general. Humble, yet determined, are the vibes I get from both Jon & Zac, who make some amazing visuals. We are all looking forward to their upcoming releases. You can find the work of Zac Facts here, & the work of Jon Riera here. Follow them on social media to link up & join them on their journeys ahead. Special thanks to everyone over at Mad Ruk Entertainment for setting up our conversation.

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Jazz Cartier - Wake Me Up When It's Over 4Jazz Cartier - Wake Me Up When It's Over

Playlist Track-Listing

  • Jazz Cartier – 1000 Roses
  • Tory Lanez – Real Addresses 
  • Maurice Moore – The Feels 
  • ShaqIsDope – The Weapon
  • Russ (Atlanta) – T’d Up

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