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Posted By : Casanova
Dominic Lord – Wings+Horns



Dominic Lord has become one of the few artists that can still keep me guessing in HipHop today. With the delivery of his latest installment Wings+Horns, Dominic Lord takes us on a wild night out at the beginning of the song with a house/trance tone to it, that gives me a sense that I am speeding through a party, taking every drug that is offered at a time-lapse speed.

 As the song progresses, the whole mood of the track seems to feel like a total hallucinogenic trip, including the peaks and valleys of the ride. Lord nails the bridge section, giving the listener a slowed tempo-delivery, with a ‘Ye type vibe to it that gave me a nostalgic feeling of YEEZUS (which has me really wanting to hear a G.O.O.D music collaboration with Lord).

Sebastian Sartor provided some very intense production to really give the song a solid platform.

The ending makes you literally envision your eyes rolling to the back of your head from all of the party favors you have been taking throughout the evening. Which compliments well with the chopped and pitch-shift vocal echoing until the end of the track.



Look out for his upcoming debut album “Overworld”  and follow him on:

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