Yo Gotti – Fuck Em (Official Video)

Yo Gotti gives us a visual straight out of the Memphis Projects

Concealed dropped back in January of last year, the mixtape which this track is belongs to and has quieted down in the past months. With a brand new video for Fuck Em, Yo Gotti has re-ignited the hype as his forthcoming album is due very soon. This was my favorite track on the mixtape and the production  slamsGreedy Money is responsible for the madness, as the kick knocks you in the chest, while bullet holes fall in the background. The best way I could describe it would be a modern day Scarface soundtrack. If you are a fan of Gangster vibes and elevated production, this is for you.

I have always been a supporter of Yo Gotti, with his rise to stardom from selling dope in the slums of Memphis, to his success he has in the lime light. He mentioned in a podcast he allegedly sold cocaine and other substances in packaged deals with his mix tapes. Every artist knows the struggle and can relate to this in some way, and it’s inspiring. Gotti was making a living, well…..a six-figure income-living before he was 20 years old. This was before he pursued music. A born hustler, Mario Mims eventually used the earnings (allegedly) to fund studio time and promotion of his music. He was determined to make his transition from street-life to a huge influence in the Hip Hop community.

” You want to make it out the hood, not because you are scared; but because it is an obstacle… “

Was Fuck Em originally a cut from the upcoming album from Yo Gotti 11/11 ?

It makes sense to utilize the leverage of a past hit to remind us what we are to expect this Fall from the artist.

” My album drop, it may not sell a record, but fuck it ” –Yo Gotti

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