Tray 8 – Walkin Lick | Sandwich Bag Committee (VIDEO)

Nashville’s Tray 8 Revives Dirty South with “Walkin Lick”

808-driven production fills open spaces as Tray 8 delivers a signature Southern flow and lyricism. A must listen for the fans of Trap Music. Instant reminiscing of early Pastor Troy are evident with Tray’s high-energy verses.

“The Plug is the only thing I’m Connected to.”

Visuals include many shots of Tray 8 riding through his city with a gang of people as they smoke blunts and sip Dirty. Watch the Official Video for “Walkin Lick” below. Directed by Moe Nunley.


Walkin Lick Walkin Lick Walkin Lick tray 8