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Tory Lanez New Experimental Track ‘Cold Hard Love’ Will Make You Move

Melodic Falsetto Vocals & Dance-Style Production Set The Tone For ‘Cold Hard Love’

Toronto singer/rapper/songwriter/producer Tory Lanez is always dropping consistent content. Today we receive an abundance of emotions in the song Cold Hard Love. Utilization of electronic elements & dance production set the foundation for the young Canadian singer. He decides to stay focused on a perfect pitch falsetto for the majority of the song. Many comments on the web seem to reference the style as ‘something The Weeknd would do.’. I do not agree, the only similarity is that they both use falsetto. Abel Tesfaye has a very unique sounding falsetto in his voice. Mainly from his Ethiopian decent & growing up listening to his grandmother’s native music.

Not taking anything away from Tory, he has a great voice, just more ‘traditional’. The generalizations also point to Drake, as it does anytime this artist releases anything. Then you get to the opinions that he is better than Drake, so on & so forth. Bottom line, all of these artists make great, different music. Sometimes the sounds cross together & styles get subconsciously ‘borrowed’. Isn’t that all any artist does though? Over years of influential sounds & styles you mold and evolve in your music.

Tory Lanez New Album Drops Friday August 19, 2016 – I Told You

Tory Lanez I Told You Album 2016 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flex/id1137298662?i=1137298674&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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