London Hip Hop Duo TailrMdeLvn Debut New Songs ‘Roguè // Lights Down Low’

TailrMdeLvn - Rogue // Lights Down Low Stream 2016 | Casanova.Audio

South London comes onto the radar today with the e-mail submission from Yusoul Records artists TailrMdeLvn. The well-chopped sample amidst the intricate production stylings give way to a dangerous flow. The Alina Baraz sample sets the tone for the right balance between the mellow-hype sound of the track. Almost instantly you get a echoes of influence from Kendrick Lamar with a gritty tone. The vocals are thick with a London accent, which has an emotional harshness, but catches you and reels you in. Again, I really enjoy the utilization of the sample in ‘Roguè‘; the reversal and experimentation which makes layers into the produced hook. Crisp drums with tones from classic Houston, Texas artists like Pimp C & Bun B come to mind with the beat. As well as new-era sounds like those we hear in the production of DS2 from Future. To close out this body of work, the song takes a turn into a slowed-down tempo. The instrumental track ‘Lights Down Low‘ sets a tone of another sample being used as a focus point. This time, it is a smoother vocal sample for a bedroom track, layered with heavy fx.

TailrMdeLvn - Rogue // Lights Down Low Stream 2016 | Casanova.AudioTailrMdeLvn - Rogue // Lights Down Low Stream 2016 | Casanova.Audio

Stream the double-feature below from the London Hip-Hop duo TailrMdeLvn