This Live Performance Of Sweeterman By RamRiddlz Is Really Really Bad

The 21 year old Mississauga artist performed the lead track he is known for, which was recently covered by Drizzy Drake. The catchy upbeat song does not translate well live, as RamRiddlz struggles to stay in key and catch his breath. Despite his confidence, the crowd was not feeling the performance. It is a very awkward 5 minutes as the train wreck gets worse and worse. He points out the fact that he is high as fuck, but that’s no excuse when you see The Weeknd smashing all these live performances flawlessly; and he is probably on every drug you can think of. This may sound a bit harsh, but it needs to be brought to attention. There are a lot of “Studio Singers” out there, who have a talent they can’t completely get to translate. Rapping is one thing, but if the main focus that drives your music is you melodies and voice, you better make sure you have put enough work in and your shit is on point. This was far from that. Watch the video below, but on a lighter note, RamRiddlz did put out a new song as well, which is very well done (BodMon Stream).

Now we just need to see it live.