When Cops Act Like Pigs : Watch this footage and see who the criminals are.`

police raid

Original post via Bill Maher

Ski masks, smashing cameras, bags of money. Not a Robbery, just a Police Cannabis Raid.

They forgot to destroy two cameras, which caught the Police Raid on footage below.

This is usually not common to have postings other than art and music related content, but I feel like everyone in America should see how the protectors of our society conduct themselves. I came across this police raid via Bill Maher’s Tumblr today and felt the need to share this with you.

In the video, you see footage of a Santa Ana police force raiding a cannabis dispensary full of harmless citizens. We even see a woman with an amputated leg in a motorized wheelchair, who is obviously a medical patient, getting escorted out of the shop. Later we see the officers doing such actions as ripping cameras off of the wall, destroying and confiscating the closed circuit DVR equipment, and other such “investigating”. The most immoral and disgusting part of this whole incident is the footage of the female officer discussing with the other officials the disabled woman in the wheelchair. Quote:

“Did you kick that one-legged old Benita?”:Male Officer

“I was about to kick her in her Fucking Nub.”:Female Officer

We are only allowing this type of police brutality and criminal like tactics rule our country because of lack of awareness and the feeling of hopelessness.  Watch the footage for yourself and form your own opinions about this situation at hand.