June 2015 13
Omari Shakir – The Concentrates EP
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Omari Shakir presents: The Concentrates  The Wax (Lesson 1) The Shatter (Wrong Number) The Resin (Up Sum) The Budder (Studio54) The Toronto Native Omari Shakir is back with a second project for us this year. The Concentrates is a Cannabis

May 2015 29
CHRISTIAN RICH feat. JMSN – “Fast Life”
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1994 Christian Rich & JMSN paint a picture with the new song Fast Life, reflection of a 90’s nostalgic night.  The melodic delivery that is always faithful from JMSN, takes us high on this one. Giving a Jodeci style vocal performance, JMSN is

May 2015 21
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ASAP Rocky trips out on LSD in the new video.   (Photo courtesy of A$AP Rocky) Flacko-Season is officially upon us. ASAP Rocky takes us on a vivid LSD trip, in what appears to be a Tokyo nightlife. Incredible

May 2015 16
Popcaan “Unruly Prayer” Prod. Dinearo
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April 14, 2015 Artist: Popcaan Production: Dinearo UNRULY PRAYER Shots of positive vibes, with calm streams of water flowing down the throughout the Jamaican landscape. Popcaan delivers us a nice perspective, courtesy of the Unruly and OVO crew. Popcaan

May 2015 05
Dominic Lord – Wings+Horns
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    Dominic Lord has become one of the few artists that can still keep me guessing in HipHop today. With the delivery of his latest installment Wings+Horns, Dominic Lord takes us on a wild night out