Nikko Hurtado Tattoo Collection – Most realistic tattoo artist today

Tattoo’s That Come To Life

We have all known people with horrible tattoo’s and we also know people with great tattoo’s. The point is, mediocre tattoo’s are the ones forgotten. But artist Nikko Hurtado is heading into the history books of realistic tattoo art. The San Fernando Valley native truly makes his tattoo’s look better than the original images, and I just wanted to showcase some of his work on the blog. Very interesting and eerie how he transforms skin into the masterpieces. Make sure you check out all of his portfolio on his website ( and follow him on Instagram.

Nikko Hurtado


Freddy Krueger Nikko HurtadoNikko Hurtado JasonNikko Hurtado The ShiningNikkoi Hurtado JokerNikko Hurtado Roman Statue signature