Lil Don Loyal – Start My Day (Dab)

East Atlanta rapper Lil Don Loyal releases new Trap Anthem with Start My Day

Newly signed to Future’s Freebandz label, we receive a promising debut from the artist formerly known as Lil Donald. His delivery on the track is very native to Atlanta Hip Hop in the likes we have seen from Migos and Future among others, but adds his own versatility.

lil don loyal

Lil Don Loyal makes a call-to-action statement to specifically the Dab community.

One thing you will take away from this song is the urge to get some “dabs, dabs, dabs…..”. A very catchy hook that will be stuck in your head all day.

Production courtesy of Flying Saucer that showcases an energy-filled beat with trap-triangles, reverb-attached keys, and rising arpeggiated instruments.

Listen to the full track below and follow the East Atlanta rapper on Twitter.