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Future & Mike Will Made It Drop The Half-Tempo Paparazzi (DAB)’ | CDQ

The Freestyle Tendencies Allow Future To Flow & Experiment On The Mike-Will-Made-It Production

The new offering from Freebandz CEO Future is titled Paparazzi (DAB). Mike Will Made It lays down some slow tempo drums, over layered cymbal samples. This to me seemed like a fun ‘throw-away‘ track. More of a freestyle than anything. A lot of negative comments specifically on HotNewHipHopthe land of Trolls. Nevertheless, it is not a great track, but it is definitely not as bad as these grown-ass-men bitches make it out to be.

It hits hard, good for just riding out with a decent system. Lyrically, I thought it was hilarious. Future goes as far as repeating the lyrics below as an outro.

‘ Fell Asleep In Her Pussy On A Xan, Fell Asleep In Her Pussy On A Xan, Fell Asleep In Her Pussy On A Perc, Fell Asleep In Her Pussy On The Lean ‘

Overall, Paparazzi (DAB) is a decent song. It is not worthy enough to go on an album, but I enjoy it.

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