Jay Z & Kanye West “Friends In Paris” (Niggas in Paris Children’s Book)

Imaginative Blogger Creates the 5-Time Platinum Niggas In Paris as a Children’s Book Friends In Paris

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Bianca Bosso, the founder of theinterns.net has brought the world a hilarious take on the award-winning track. Currently only available as a digital copy, the storybook style delivery and word arrangement are great translations from the original song. Alongside are cartoon images of Jay Z and Kanye West ice skating through Paris, the great content started a KickStarter page to get funding for the publication of a physical copy of the book. Go visit and help The Interns out and check out the full book. Note that if you do not get Friends In Paris for your child or future-child, you need to reconsider your parenting skills.



Hail Yeezus

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