Flash Back Friday: (2002) Eminem – The Eminem Show – My Dad’s Gone Crazy

The Eminem Show : My Dad’s Gone Crazy (2002)

eminem showI stumbled across this song today that brought back some serious Hip Hop nostalgia. An excerpt from The Eminem Show, Shady shows how he can literally make you envision his music. This was one of my favorite albums from Eminem, both from a lyrical and technical standpoint. He truly delivers some of his career’s best work on this album.

Marshall starts things off by hitting a line of Cocaine as his daughter walks in.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”


As a fan, this was like Christmas when I first got this album back in ’02. Full of comedic verses that do not lack creativity and technical delivery on The Eminem Show. Eminem truly gives us our money’s worth on this song. With topics ranging from discussing chainsaw mutilation, Elton John, and Fucking Dre

It’s like my mother always told me
Rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana rana and Codeine
And God dammit you little motherfucker
If you ain’t got nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing
… Uh … fuck that shit, bitch!
Eat a motherfucking dick, chew on a prick
And lick a million motherfucking cocks per second

I’d rather put out a motherfucking gospel record
I’d rather be a pussy-whipped bitch, eat pussy

And have pussy lips glued to my face with a clit ring
In my nose
 than quit bringing my flows

lyrics courtesy of Genius.com


Hear the full song below: