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Eminem Releases The Rumored ‘Drake Diss Track’ | CDQ Stream

A Leak Appearing on YouTube of a Violent-Nostalgic Flow From Eminem, Who Shuts Down Everyone From Selena Gomez to Drake

After a week or so of here say about the so-called ‘Drake Diss Track‘, we finally hear the product. As a fan of pre-Encore Eminem, I truly ate this up. Everything was perfectly executed like the artist was in 2001-ish. A solid, murderous flow ran over a wide array of artist, not just Drake.

Eminem Drake Diss Leak CDQ STREAM August 2016 | Http://Casanova.audio

Shady Holds No Direct Target For Drake, As He Sets Sights on Nikki Minaj, Chris Brown. Rihanna, Selena Gomez, & more.

The overall feeling was much more of a sense of competition. Or more of a friendly reminder that at any given time, Slim Shady can fucking end you with words.

But This Is Not Eminem…..


It is true. Unfortunately, it may be safe to say that the old Eminem we grew up on is gone. This is actually a track from 2011 that an artist Denace put out. He is probably the closest sounding Shady impersonator I have ever heard. Hilarious prank pulled by this YouTuber, as the comments section are like this bullshit 2016 Election.