The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness – Available Now

The Anticipated Album is Available Now – Beauty Behind The Madness

The rise to fame for the 25-year-old Abel Tesfaye has been catapulted in the past few years. Dominating 2014 with Earned It ( Fifty Shades Of Grey ), an Apple Music theme song, and the growing success reaching the Top 5 spots in more than 5 different countries.

For followers on this journey who have been with The Weeknd since 2011, when his first mixtape dropped on March 21; it is pretty amazing to see a kid who never left his city his entire life to achieve this level of success.

Beauty Behind The Madness is a rich melodic album that breaks The Weeknd through the Barrier of Fame and Originality

Mostly known to be outcasts or broken, The Weeknd’s early adopters fit the stereotype of the Drug-Experinented, lonely, Promiscuous loner. Which is why this album has such a different pace and feel with the broader expectations for a more diverse audience. Musically, Beauty Behind The Madness is a work of art that has a technical number of key changes that show the range of Abel’s vocal talent.


Listen to The Weeknd’s Junior Album #BBTM

Beauty Behind The Madness

Beauty Behind the Madness
Beauty Behind The Madness